Little bit about me.

Jared and I got married in 2009 at the ripe age of 20 years old. I received a bachelors in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service Management in 2013. I got pregnant with our baby girl Mia in 2014 and she came into the world in 2015 and I have stayed at home with my babies since then. Charlie came along in 2017. Shortly after we had Mia we bought a 100 year old farm house in 2015 to flip and live in OKC on half an acre and utilize that space for gardening and raising chickens and the occasional goat herd. Willow, our Great Pyrenees LGD, has been out in the field since 2015 with our animals protecting them like a boss. I fill my time with the kids, gardening, homestead maintenance, cooking/baking, eating, working out and shopping.

Im excited to share more about our life experiences in this space. The good and the.. challenging. With 9 years of marriage, a one and three year old, a house flip and.. FOOD, we’ve got plenty to talk about. Go get a cup of coffee. I’ll wait here for you.