Homestead House Before and Afters

Who doesn’t like before and afters? We came across this house in the middle of 2015. We were not shy when looking for a house to flip. This one needed to be stripped to the studs and since we had a 5 month old baby and obviously so much free time this seemed like a great idea. We started renovations in July and moved in the week of Christmas. This past year Jared and I have discovered the Enneagram and learned that he is an 8 w7 and I am a 3 w4. We have also learned that between the two of us, that means we legitimately think we can do all things. We can visualize what could be beautiful in places that are falling apart. We aren’t scared, we are excited. We are ready and willing to work. We like to get our hands dirty because, is there another way to live?


When you first walk into this home you are standing in the living room. It was a small living room. There was a dividing wall between the living room and kitchen with an arched doorway that led to the kitchen. The ceilings were low. It was dark. What were we to do but bust that dividing wall down. Space for a big dining room table was a “must” for me at this house. I wanted room to entertain. My dad made this dining room table with red cedar that was milled by his friend who has land here in Oklahoma. To the right we installed a cast iron furnace. It had to be brought in through the living room window because it was too big to fit through the door. We are the type of people who open the windows on the first chilly day of the season just so we can light a fire in the fireplace... and then we keep it going all season.

The next set of pictures are of the pantry, mudroom and laundry rooms. They had this area closed off. So we ripped off the door and opened it up. The previous owners used that area for storage but that room led to the backyard so we wanted to spruce it up and make it another usable space. We tore down the wainscoting, and replaced with sheet rock and texture. The floors were, from corner to corner, unlevel by 6”. We hired a friend to help us grind down parts of the floor and then add leveler to other parts just so we could lay tile.

The stairs. Wow. They were steep and completely not up to code, which was a theme at this house. When you are renovating like this the city has to come and inspect several times throughout the process and make sure everything is up to the cities code. When things that you haven’t even touched yet upon purchase aren’t up to code you have to make them up to code because this property is now yours.

We had four great years in this house. We brought baby #2 home from the hospital here. We dabbled in gardening. We had 2 sets of twin baby goats here. Said goodbye to our beloved Great Dane here. Sat on the front porch and drank coffee and watch the kids get crazy dirty while learning to use their imaginations in this yard. Grew relationships with people. The list goes on. Now it is time to start that process over again. We are sad to say goodbye to this beauty but are so excited and so gracious to start the next big project. I plan to blog THROUGH the next house and not wait until the very end to show before and afters. Hope to see you along the ride!