Why I love Essential Oils

A lot of people who have started using Essential Oils have a story of how they were at their last wits end and were desperate to try anything and everything to cure a certain situation in their lives that was beyond hard for them. My story is not the same and might not seem “as powerful” as other stories mentioned but I will still share what got me into oils and what has kept me ordering for over 2 years. 

I had heard about essential oils several times and had even attended a Young Living “starter kit class” at a yoga studio I had been practicing at but never pulled the trigger on ordering any oils. I am by nature, a frugal person. I am not always proud to admit that but in the end it’s just the truth. I also did not want to dive into the world of essential oils because it seemed overwhelming. There are SO many oils and they do so many great things! How would I know what oils to use (and how) if I got a headache or if I had a stomach ache? What oils could help me get to sleep at night? I told myself when, if, I got pregnant for the second time I would purchase a starter kit and take baby steps to learn about the oils! In October of 2016 I purchased a kit from a friend who I knew was working her business and had lots of education on the oils. The PSK (premium starter kit) comes with 11 oils and a diffuser. It is for sure the best bang for your buck when it comes to kits. I also signed up for ER (essential rewards) right from the start. I did this as a personal accountability to learn more about the oils as I went. I purchased $50 worth of oils each month and got points back to use for later purchases. More about that here

My friend who signed me up also gifted me an oils reference guide app that has been SO much help. Since that app helped me out so much I also gift it to those who sign up under me. I have been using these oils daily now for well over 2 years now and am even making a little side cash each month. I wanted to share that little tid bit today just in case theres anyone out there like me who wasn’t against oils or didn’t have an extreme need but was just curious in general but also a little overwhelmed. Educating others is one of my favorite things to do. I take joy in it. If you are interested in a kit reach out to me or sign up here. I will be standing alongside you during this journey and am here for any and all questions you have now or in 2 years when you’re still using these wonderful oils!